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The Table @ Aspen: A Complete Set

16 Jul 2008 10:47 am

By popular request, here are all four of our Aspen Table series in convenient multi-title players.

Reporting on Israel, July 5th
Participants: James Bennet (moderator), Jeffrey Goldberg, Ari Shavit

Digital Storytelling and the Future of Journalism (July 4th)
Participants: Marc Ambinder (moderator), Sean Parker, Megan McArdle, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Michael Hirschorn

The Future of Party Politics (July 2nd)
Participants: Marc Ambinder (moderator), David Brooks, Ross Douthat, Matthew Yglesias

Is Higher Education For Everyone? (July 1st) 
Participants: Ross Douthat (moderator), Daniel Mote, Paul Verkuil, Michael Bennet

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