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Reporting on Israel (Part 1)

07 Jul 2008 09:53 am

In our last Aspen-based edition of The Table, Atlantic editor James Bennet talks with Jeffrey Goldberg and Israeli journalist Ari Shavit about Israel's media, Olmert's intentions, and the future state of Middle East diplomacy. In this first segment, Shavit and Goldberg explain why big ideas are so crucial for Israel's survival. As Goldberg puts it, Israelis go through their daily lives -- waking up, going to work, taking the bus -- while essentially living inside one big idea.

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Comments (2)

Is it fitting that they accuse them living live as an "idea" at the Aspen "Ideas" Festival? Either way, if this "idea" isn't reality what is the purpose of the nation?

What they are saying is that Israel - for all it's difficulties and the challenges to it - is one of the most successful ideas in modern history: the idea that you can create a nation.

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