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Alice Waters on "Edible Education"

03 Jul 2008 05:40 pm

Here's a clip of the iconic chef and advocate Alice Waters wondering what an Obama presidency might mean for the future of food and farming:

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I hope that Obama (and McCain) will pay attention not just to farm issues but to how the current administration's pushing of non-sense regulations like the USDA's proposed National Animal Identification System (NAIS) ( http://NoNAIS.org ) hurst small farmers, the consumers and our freedoms.

NAIS - "Tagging and tracking all the livestock in America" as the USDA says it wants to do is not going to prevent disease or improve food security because this burden is being placed on small farmers (Big Ag gets a Group ID exemption), is after the fact (post processing + discovery + 48 hours) and virtually all disease outbreaks come from problems after the farm. NAIS is just a waste of taxpayer money and a burden on struggling small farmers.

What we need is an end to subsidies - they go to a very few big ag players producing a very unlevel playing field. No need to subsidies their huge pockets. A diversified food network of many small producers is far more secure from both disease and terrorism than our current system were 85% (and growing) of the food is produced by 6% (and shrinking) of the producers. Centralization breeds disease and weakness.

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